Do you shiver and tingle at certain stimulus but not sure why? Maybe you’re experiencing ASMR.

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a relatively new development that is little understood by science but fiercely loved by those in the community. There are many ASMR artists on YouTube and other websites with a few focussing on porn and bringing a deeper pleasure to those seeking a sexual ASMR experience.

You may have experienced ASMR from childhood or it may be something completely new that you are just starting to explore. Either way, ASMR is a very personal experience that can be hard to explain to those who don’t understand it or simply haven’t found their own trigger yet.

What is ASMR?

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) starts as a tingling in the back of the head an moves down the neck and through the body. It’s a different experience for different people but overall it is calming and relaxing.

And like sexual turn ons, ASMR triggers really are different strokes for different folks. What triggers the tingling in your scalp might be whispering, tapping, concentration on a task or something as simple as turning the pages of a book.

We absolutely believe that there is a place for eroticism within the ASMR experience and that there is nothing wrong with enjoying sexual ASMR alone or with your partner. It is way more than simply “whisper porn”.

If your ASMR is triggered by sounds or actions then you are sure to be satisfied by the videos and audio that we share here on ASMR Lust. The website is run by people who not only understand ASMR but experience it too and want to share the best erotic ASMR content. We are different because ASMR Lust isn’t just a normal porn site and categorised by sexual act, it is easy to find videos by trigger too so you can explore the videos you want to see straight away with no hassle.

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