How to find your ASMR trigger

If you’re visiting this website then the chance are, you have a fleeting idea of what ASMR is. If you don’t, check out our page about ASMR and then come back to learn more about what your ASMR trigger might be, don’t worry, we’ll wait right here for you…

…done? Awesome!

headphones-926072_1280Now you know that autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is little understood by science and that not everybody experiences it. Who wouldn’t want what some describe as a “brain orgasm”? A pleasurable and relaxing feeling that starts with tingles in the brain and can move throughout the body. It is such a sensual experience, no wonder some people use their ASMR to make masturbation better – a full body and mind experience. Afterall, masturbation is the classic “me time” treat and sometimes just to hit it and quit it just ain’t gonna satisfy.


What if you want to experience ASMR but don’t know what your ASMR trigger is?

That is sad times but stay with us and we’ll try and help you figure it out.

The most common ASMR triggers are:

  • Whispering
  • Wet sounds
  • Personal attention
  • Concentration on a task
  • Tapping sounds
  • Fizzing sounds
  • The sound of a page being turned.

This is just a short list. There are so many potential triggers for ASMR that you may find it one day completely by accident. It helps knowing what feeling to look out for. We recommend watching ASMR videos on YouTube and reading ASMR sub-reddits. There is a (mostly) very kind and active community with many who are happy to share their thoughts and experiences and of course, there is always this website, ASMR Lust! We filter ASMR porn videos and audio files by ASMR trigger as well as by traditional porn category which, may also help you out.

Ok, so this isn’t a porn video and you’re on a porn site but before you say “what the fuck, man?!” check it out Heather Feather (not a porn star but a top gal still in our eyes) as she goes through 120 biaural triggers for ASMR and if you want to experience ASMR but don’t know your trigger, this is an excellent place to start. Good luck and happy tingling!