Erotic ASMR

Why Erotic ASMR?

We see erotic ASMR as something different to sexual ASMR, we see it as something deeper and even more personal. It’s not just about watching blowjobs or horny sex to get yourself off as quickly as possible, it’s about seduction and taking the time to look after your more emotional sexual needs. It’s about relaxing and taking care of yourself, allowing someone else to flirt with you and spoil you. We see erotic ASMR as a way of experiencing intimacy, connecting with your sexual feelings on a deeper level rather than finding a porn video that gives you tingles and gets you off quickly.

What Is Erotic ASMR?

As with everything, your definition may differ a little from ours so we classify erotic ASMR (or ASMRotica if you prefer) as videos and audios that aren’t overly explicit in the most part. This doesn’t mean you need to search within the ASMR porn section of our website if you are looking for ASMR sex or blowjob videos, it means there might be a lead up to it that turns you on slowly, makes you breathe heavy and that amazing feeling where your chest swells with anticipation before your dick does. This is a more sensual and relaxing experience than the usual porn we like.

In the erotic ASMR videos we share, nudity is likely ‘tasteful’ rather than explicit, you could call it sexy rather than sexual. The sex acts are not the primary focus of the videos or audio files, you feeling relaxed, turned on and getting your ASMR tingles is the goal. Expect to see sexual tension and desire between two people, the anticipation in itself is super hot and sexy. Expect to see flirting, seduction and intimacy that makes you feel comfortable in your current surrounding, cared for, relaxed and most of all, tingly and warm.