Is ASMR Safe?

It’s a fair question isn’t it? Pretty, young things wearing very little or absolutely nothing at all saying and doing all sorts of thing that relax you and help you get your ASMR tingles – they could be relaxing you into a hypnotic state and making you open to all kinds of crazy suggestions, right? Next thing you know you are transferring your life savings via a dodgy wire service or dancing down your local high street thinking you are a chicken or something equally ridiculous.

Sorry to disappoint but it doesn’t really work like that. Anecdotally, those who experience ASMR say that as soon as even a word or an idea that they don’t like or agree with is mentioned, it turns them off and they stop experiencing ASMR. Stop for a second and check out this video from the gorgeous Cassie Laine whispering and “hyponotising” you.

The best comparison regarding whether ASMR is safe, is to hypnotherapy, if you don’t want to be hypnotised then you can’t be and you can bring yourself out of a hypnotic state if you want to. This is because hypnotherapy is simply, a relaxed state of deep focus and some people are just more open to suggestions than others and being open and trusting of the therapist helps.

Could ASMR be dangerous in any other way?

No, not really. People who are aware of their ASMR and what triggers it will usually use it to relax but will still function normally. You might decide that you enjoy listening to your ASMR trigger during the work day as it helps you to focus and concentrate but it’s just as effective as relaxing you when you are ready to get some sleep. Even if you encounter your trigger by accident, it’s unlikely you’ll lose the sense you were born with to allow yourself to be put in physical danger. The human brain is clever like that.

ASMR is completely for the individual who can decide how best to use their ‘super power’ and, whilst the phenomenon is little-researched and understood, those who experience it find ASMR relaxing rather than mind-bending. If scientists thought ASMR could be dangerous, they’d have won a massive grant and be studying it now for a cure.